In January 2015, the Urban Development Agency (ADT-ATO) and the Direction Studies and Planning of Brussels Urban Development ( both now merged in, in collaboration with Brussels Mobility, awarded a public tender for the design of the Parkway-E40 Master Plan to a multidisciplinary team.

The team is composed by the following design offices :

  • TVK Architects and urban planners (team representative);
  • KARBON Architects and urban planners;
  • OLM Landscape designers;
  • EGIS Transport and mobility;
  • ELIOTH Sustainable development;
  • IDEA Property development.

This tender includes two main tasks:

  • the design of the Master Plan, including any preliminary prospective studies that are needed: traffic and accessibility studies, engineering studies, economic and financial feasibility studies, real estate analyses, etc. This Master Plan is now finalized and has been formally approved by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • support with its implementation, which, depending on requirements, may include updating the Master Plan, monitoring the project’s integration in the urban space that is created, helping develop the necessary regulatory frameworks, coordinating all public and private operations, architectural coordination, etc.